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How the Pandemic Has Changed the Wine Industry


How the Pandemic Has Changed the Wine Industry

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Like many industries, the wine industry has been dramatically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The wine industry, however, is resilient. Although we lost income and on-site guests in our tasting rooms, we also found new ways to innovate, serve, and even surprise our valued customers.

As New England slowly navigates the roadmap to a new normal, we believe it’s important to look back at the past year. By doing this, we can better understand how the wine industry has changed and what the future looks like.

Now is also the time to lean into optimism as many wineries begin to announce opening dates and special events for the summer and fall.

At Jonathan Edwards Winery, we want to share more than just a bottle of wine with you. We also want to offer you insight into the winemaking process and the industry as a whole. With that said, here’s our take on the industry now, its trajectory, and what to look forward to as we make our return as pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Effect of COVID-19 on the Wine Industry

Wine America recently completed a survey asking U.S. wineries about their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the optimistic figures from the past few months is that 85% of wineries in the U.S. continued production through the pandemic. With a lower production rate expected into the fall, wineries are expected to purchase approximately 22% fewer grapes over the next months.

Without visitors to wineries in the U.S., sales in tasting rooms were down by an average of 74.5%. However, wineries are hoping to open in full by June 1. If this can happen, many expect a normal flow of business within 18 weeks.

Wine After COVID-19

Many people, including the team at Jonathan Edwards Winery, believe there will be a wine boom at restaurants and bars, especially in larger cities. Some are already dubbing it the new “Roaring Twenties,” and it’s expected that wine, especially higher-end brands, will be flowing every night in these venues.

We are happy to welcome you to our winery located in charming Stonington, CT. Jonathan Edwards Winery and other Connecticut wineries are currently open at 50% capacity, with the option for curbside pickup! Whenever you feel ready, we welcome you to our winery; we will continue to take thorough COVID-19 precautions for all our guests. For more information about our wine selection, browse our online store or schedule a tasting and tour today!

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