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Join Our Wine Club & Let the Wine Come to You


Join Our Wine Club & Let the Wine Come to You

Posted by Dawn in On the Vine Newsletter

If sitting at home with a refined glass of wine is your idea of a good time, become a member of our Wine Club! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned wine enthusiast, a fan of reds or whites, you’ll experience all the perks of joining our popular wine subscription. 

When you become an exclusive Wine Club Member, you’ll have access to a number of handcrafted wines that are sure to please your palate. Our vast assortment of east and west coast wines are carefully curated to bring you the authentic flavors of regional wine. Be one of the many wine connoisseurs who indulge in our best monthly wine subscriptions, from Grape Nuts or Jed’s Reds. Take a look at the infographic below to see what is included in each subscription, and then continue reading as we discuss more benefits of joining our Wine Club:

Benefits of Becoming a Wine Club Member

Become a member and discover the benefits of our exclusive wine club subscription service, including:

  • Incredible Discounts & Savings
  • High-Quality Selection of Wine
  • Saves You Time
  • Convenient Delivery
  • Discover New Wines
  • A Complimentary Glass

Your subscription will include our pick of delicious red and white wines, all at an affordable price. Each selection is discounted 10%, with higher discounts available on larger orders. You’ll be able to save on all your favorites and receive them at a much lower price than retailers. We understand how exciting it is to try new wines, and becoming a member will give you the opportunity to taste an assortment of red and white wines that are new to your palate. A Wine Club Membership is the best way to add to your collection, whether you have a rack in your pantry or an entire cellar to choose from. 

Receive high-quality wines imported from our vineyard through our two subscription services. Join our free membership program and get red and white wines delivered directly to your door. There’s nothing quite like the anticipation and curiosity of awaiting a red wine subscription package of fine wines from the comfort of your home. Join today and gift yourself this wonderful treat! For more information about our Wine Club, contact us today!.

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