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Our Story


One day, a man decided to open a winery.

Our business was created from the simplest of concepts—make great wine and enjoy life more often. Jonathan, with his parents Karen and Bob, made the commitment to this concept from the beginning.

Hailing from New England allowed us an early focus on the growing wine industry of the North East, and our commitment to making the best wines possible expanded our horizons nationally. In 1999, the Edwards continued thirst for knowledge and expertise took them to the beautiful Napa Valley, and in 2000 they enjoyed their first harvest. As grapes were crushed and young wine fermented, the reality of the Jonathan Edwards Winery truly began to take shape. Not one harvest has been missed in Napa since, and we continue to enjoy access to some of the best vineyards in America.

Despite the simplicity of our goal–to make great wine– the realities of merging a west coast operation with our desire to live on the east coast seemed daunting. The perfect answer was found in the adorable town of North Stonington, CT. In 2000, we purchased the former Crosswoods Vineyards, brought our Napa Valley wine east and began rehabilitating what is now the Jonathan Edwards Winery. 20 acres of vineyards have been planted in Connecticut, and the bi-coastal nature of our winery was ensured.