Meet the Crew



At JE we are proud to share the spotlight with our incredible staff. Some members have been with us since the beginning and we cherish their dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence.



  • jon_no

    Jonathan Edwards

    General Manager,

    • Proud father of 2 amazing children (Alex and Grace).
    • Avid down hill skier–the faster the better.
    • Enjoys raising “heritage breed” animals.
    • Makes a mean meatball.
  • bob_no

    Robert Edwards

    West Coast Operations,

    • Loves chemistry and engineering.
    • Calls Philadelphia home but is never there more than six months of the year.
    • Completes the daily jumble, crossword, and suduko puzzles before the sun shines each day.
  • karen_no

    Karen Edwards


    • Enjoys spending the summer in Cape Cod with grandkids (and Bob of course).
    • Lives in St. Helena in Napa Valley for six to eight weeks of the year.
    • A fierce competitor in the Cape Cod Olympics (events include: sailing, swimming, ping pong, and dog-belly-rubbing).
  • mike_no

    Michael Harney


    • Met his wife on a cross country biking trip, from Seattle to DC.
    • Enjoys sleepless nights thanks to his young daughters, Lillian and Elizabeth.
    • Has a blazing fast wiffleball pitch.
  • erica_no

    Erica Cyr

    Director of Events

    • Loves scouting & purchasing works from emerging artists on Etsy.
    • Has lived in Berlin, Stockholm &  Costa Rica-further feeding her travel obsession.
    • Free time is spent with her husband & two girls, Lucy and Ella.
    • Enjoys renovating their 1920s bungalow in Mystic. Feels like they will always be renovating their 1920s bungalow in Mystic.
  • Raeanne_no

    Raeanne Imbriaco

    Tasting Room Manager

    • Born and raised here in Southeastern Connecticut.
    • Enjoys complaining about the weather and the Red Sox in true New England fashion.
    • Guilty pleasures are Hollywood gossip, anything sparkly and an unhealthy obsession with all food that starts with “ch” and ends in “eese”.
    • Proudly raising her teenage son who (all eye-rolling aside) is the greatest kid in the world.
  • chris_no

    Christian Moore

    Vineyard Manager

    • Plays bass, guitar, and sings in a local band.
    • Favorite music artists include Company Flow, Ramones, and Ornette Coleman.
    • A champion fantasy sports player, holder of several league titles.
    • A huge fan of the New York Mets and still clinging to the dream of the 1969 World Series.
  • guy_no

    Guy Nagy

    Grounds and Maintenance Supervisor

    • Studied abroad in Europe.
    • Big Boston Sports Fan.
    • An identical twin–don’t ask me for my brothers number.
    • Yes, my name is Guy, and no it is not short for anything.
  • mark_no

    Mark Scherer

    Director of Distribution

    • Backpacked through Europe.
    • Has lived in Vermont, Nantucket, and Boston.
    • Enjoys running, basketball, skiing, and squash. Refuses to wear those short shorts while playing squash.
  • susan_no

    Susan Denice

    Rhode Island Sales

    • Digs a good hot yoga class.
    • Was a commercial photographer for 15 years before joining the wine world.
    • Loves hanging out with her dog Lucy and new son Maxon.
    • Enjoys getting down to some 90s rap. Also regrets some of her fashion choices during that decade. We all do, Susan.